Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Get Out of This Country

I am so unbelievably ready to get out of this country! I went to Borders over the weekend with Erina for our regular "I-want-to-sit-in-Borders-for-a-few-hours-and-read-books" trip :) It's a must when we're both home and bored! I spent most of my time in the travel section, reading books and travel guides on Europe. This particular book, written by Harvard graduate students, was particularly interesting to me. It is basically EXACTLY what I want to do. It's a guide to cheap travel in Europe for students! It has everything from itineraries for a week to an entire summer throughout Europe, a guide to the best ways to get around, cheap places to eat, the nicest (and cheapest) hostels to stay at, etc. It was amazing. I probably read 100 pages of it while I was sitting on the floor of Borders. I want to go on this trip so badly. I don't know if I'm going to be able to wait until I graduate. Saving money starts NOW because even though I'm traveling the "cheap" route. An entire summer away from home is gonna cost me a ton of money. Ahhh, I'm stoked.

I'll leave you with the Camera Obscura song that inspired the title of this blog. Love it!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


For those of you who read my blog, you may be less than satisfied from reading about my anything-but-glamorous life. I've recently blogged about meaningless shit, for lack of a better term, and I'm ready for it to end! From here on out (at least for a little while) this is dedicated to "meaningful" writing.

In the meantime, you really should check out Jason Mraz's blog Freshness Factor Five Thousand. It's really incredible and I'm amazed at some of the things he writes about. If there was a celebrity I could meet tomorrow, I think it would be him. He seems so chill, down-to-earth and realistic. Though those adjectives seem very similar, they mean different things to me. Regardless, his blog is amazing...and you should read it so you can take a lesson from somebody who's really trying to make a change in this world.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today was gorgeous. I honestly can't get enough of the sun. Decked out in my shades and a sundress, it was perfect outside.

I also cannot stop listening to Colbie Caillat's newest album, Breakthrough. It's my new anthem album, and I sorta wish it wasn't! But it's pretty amazing.

I'd like a time out now please!?!

This is killing me. You're killing me.
Let's go back in time.
I'm not saying I'll change myself, but I'd change the way things happened in a heart beat.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Take me away

So let's see...been on break for approximately a weekend. Friday night was great - I got to see Chanel (and can't forget Tom and Tracey) finally! I hadn't seen her since October, when she moved to Montana, and it was great to catch up on EVERYTHING. Seriously, nobody gets me like she does - so it's incredible to just sit down and chat about everything. Went to dinner and her friend Ryan's for a bit, just hung out. Then woke up early for breakfast with the Mehrer family. Good times, I love it. Felt like summer all over again :]
Worked out early Saturday morning when I got home, then spent the day on the couch watching the NCAA tournament and my boys beat up on New Mexico for awhile. They're headed to the Sweet Sixteen and I couldn't be happier! Love it and everything that goes along with Husky basketball!
Went to the gym again today. Great workout, unfortunate ending to it though. Guess I'm just even more pumped to go tomorrow. Vu was working at the nail salon, so getting a pedicure was 29387529 times better than I was expecting. Yay!
Also got my Sasquatch playlist on my iPod finally - music from all of the major bands playing. Sure took forever to get it all, but it's so worth it! :]
Finally got to see Nick tonight, too. We went to ice cream (yummm) and then came back to my house and watched Inbetweeners and Swimfan. Inbetweeners is a hilarious British comedy, and definitely worth watching if you enjoy sexual humor. Swimfan...hmm. Not sure if it was the best or worst movie ever made. But it sure as hell reminded us of somebody we know, bahaha! Loved it.
It's been a roller coaster of emotions in the weekend I've been home, and I'm ready for everything to be stable again. If I had a time machine, I'd definitely use it. As for now, just gotta wait it out and see what happens. I'm definitely done expecting anything, which is quite sad. Maybe I'll be surprised.

On a completely random side-note, thanks to the Amazon Kindle commercial, this song has been stuck in my head all day:

"Fly Me Away" Annie Little

Silver Moons and paper chains,
Faded maps and shiny things.
You're my favorite one-man show.
A million different ways to go.

Will you fly me away?
Take me away with you,
My love.

Painted scenes, I'm up all night.
Slaying monsters, flying kites.
Speak to me in foreign tongues.
Share your secrets one by one.

Will you fly me away?
Take me away with you,
My love.

Now I cant think what life was like
Before I had you by my side.
Cant say what I'd do without you,
Knowing what its like to have you.

Hidden walk ways back in time.
Endless stories, lovers cry.
In my mind I've been set free.
Will you take this Journey
You and Me?

Will you Fly me away?
Take me away with you,
My love.

Fly me away with you,
My Love.

Take me away with you,
My Love.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Lately I've sucked at keeping up on this blog. For awhile there I was great at updating it frequently!
Oops! Oh well! My last final is today at 2:30. After that I'm headed back to Puyallup for some...fun? :] Chanel is there, which is just about the only thing I'm really excited about!

Should be an interesting week or so...hmm.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Kristen and I were talking about this yesterday...people who are extremely Christian always question why I'm agnostic. And the thing is, I have experienced both ways of living - and there's not much of a difference in my life. As an agnostic, I credit myself to my good and wrong doings. I take responsibility for my actions (whether they be good or otherwise). Because I'm not Christian doesn't mean that I possess horrible values and am constantly doing wrongs. I do not mean for this diagram to be an insult, it's just part of my reasoning for being the way I am.

^click on the image and it gets bigger so you can read it^

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've been productive!

And the countdown begins. I get to go home in 8 days. Until then, it's time to get shit done.

To Do:

-Study for Astronomy final (Monday 3/15)
-Edit English essays for portfolio (Wednesday 3/17)
-Write cover letter for portfolio (Wednesday 3/17)
-Read Murder textbook (Friday 3/19)
-Work out daily

However, I have been relatively productive in the past 36 hours. I've gotten an amazing amount of stuff done that hasn't actually been due yet, which is fantastic because I have way less to focus on now!

Recently Accomplished:
-English extra credit assignment
-Two essays edited for English portfolio
-Murder profiling assignment
-Astronomy lab
-Work out

Monday, March 8, 2010


over once again.

I'm sick of it, seriously.
*insert your favorite profanity here*

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Story of my life?

@ the studio

Yesterday was a blast. Maybe while it was happening we went a bit stir crazy, but it was so fun to just chill, jam and listen to music! The boys in Balcova are awesome and their tracks sounded great! :] It was a fantastic day with Lauren - shopping, teriyaki, sword fights, jammin', etc. Good times! Here are a few (of the many) pictures that we took!

Lauren with her spring roll!

Yeah, chopsticks.


Cool wooden sword we found.

The most epic picture I've ever taken! ;]


Manager Bryce at the sound board doin' work!

Connor. Guitar :]

Lee. Bass :]

Joey. Guitar & vocals :]

Chase. Drums :]

Thursday, March 4, 2010

...it's already March?!?

Unbelievable! Time sure does fly. Winter quarter has gone by SO fast - but I feel as though the last two weeks are going to drag on and onnnnnnn.

Life Update
-I went to Pullman this past weekend. It was really fun and I'm glad I finally ventured over to the "dark side" ;) It was incredible to see my best friends, just being in their presence makes me so happy. The drive there and home was epic, I don't think I've ever hated driving more. But Rach & Kels were there to keep me entertained with their choreographed dances to just about every song...amazing.

-I registered for spring quarter! I'm excited - should be an interesting schedule. I'm taking an intro to economics class, communications and a sociology class about social movements and change. The only downfall, I start at 8:30 three days a week. Blech! :/ Oh well though! :] It will get me up early enough to go to the gym later and enjoy the spring sunshine!

-The cherry blossoms in the Quad are blooming...finally! :] They're so pretty!

-There was a riot/protest on campus today for the budget cuts and tuition raises. Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. They stormed into my sociology class chanting "Hey hey, ho ho, the budget cuts have got to go!" This prompted my professor to dance on stage, then later ask for a beer. God I love college.

-Brian and I went to see Legally Blonde at the 5th Ave. Theatre on Tuesday...IT WAS SO FRIGGIN AMAZING. Oh my goodness, I loved it (x2930752)! Seriously, so good. The music was catchy and upbeat, and the entire cast was talented. It was a great show and not boring at all. I was laughing (almost to tears) at portions of it, and if you liked the movie you would enjoy this show! Students get in for $21 the night of...which is an amazing deal. Especially considering Brian and I got into the 7th row. Helll yeahhhhh. Plus I beat Brian up afterward in the bus tunnel and the Sheriff looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. One of the best moments of my life! ;]

-I've decided to do a life cleanse - I'm not 100% sure how this is going to turn out, but I am excited to see. I think it's a good idea for me right now! :]

-All I wanna do right now is go back to Kauai and relive my 2008 vacation. I did so much growing over those three weeks, which is weird. Somebody I barely knew (and haven't spoken with since) changed my perception on life. It's seriously such a crazy experience to meet somebody for a few hours and have them impact you in that way. But it was an amazing vacation, filled with relaxation, sunshine and lots of fun. The whole mentality of that island is relaxation, and I am in love with it.

Surfboard fence. Hanalei, Hawaii. Photo by ME :]

-I had the best workout today. One of those ones where you're exhausted afterward, but you feel so awesome. :] It was great! 12+ miles on a bike, and over an hour of weights and abs. Mmm, loved it. Plus, rice & "salad toppings" (as Rachel calls them) for dinner! Delicious! I'm feelin' goooooooooooooood.

Think that's about it! Life is good right now, and I'm really glad I can say that and mean it! :]

Monday, March 1, 2010


If there's anything I've learned in the past 48 hours, it's that life can sure throw a mean curve-ball.
I wish I had an answer or could say "I don't really care" but I'd be lying through my teeth. This is frustrating beyond all reason.

Currently listening to:
"Window Blues" Band of Horses
Erase the facts
The shit was flyin' outta the window
I painted blue
I paint the whole room

When its time to get in trouble
We know just what to do

The screen door swayin'
Now baby gimme something to live for
I been a fool
I been a fool

No revelations in the water
No tears into the booze

In pains the floor
The worried people shaking the whole house
I i take it back
I take it all back

The regret that's got us sayin'
The hounds upon the tracks

And always in time
I'm never looking over my shoulder
I sing to you
I sing it to you

Keeping heads above the water and
Feet into the shoes