Thursday, February 26, 2009

I feel like I could kill somebody right now...

Wow, I absolutely hate when people don't do their shit.
Seriously, if one more person makes up a lame excuse to not be there, or not do something, I will scream.

Aghh! I hate deadline!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Propose to me, please...

I pride myself in being a girl that is unlike other girls. I'm not high-maintenance by any means, I would much rather watch a football game than go shopping, etc. However, like the majority of girls, I have kept a list of men (famous, of course) that I would like to eventually meet, date, kiss, marry, etc. Here they are :]

Andy Samberg
He's hilarious, adorable, well-spoken for the most part and he sings (well, kind of). Comedians are almost always very outspoken and comfortable with themselves...and seriously, I may be attracted to nerdy people, but I think he's cute. End of story.

Matthew McConaughey
Hellooooo...he has washboard abs. He's down to earth, he lives in a trailer. I guess he's sort of a hippie, and he's got a cute smile to go with his accent. Plus, he's actually smart...he studied law in college. Need I say more?

Jack Johnson
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. You can sing me to sleep any day of the week and I will just love you more. Then, you can teach me how to surf, and we can build a bonfire and you can sing to me by the bonfire. And all day long, every day, you will just sing to me :] This, of course, is a fantasy...but I still wish it would happen. Heather, my mom's friend, had a beer with him by the pool in Hawaii and said Jack is the coolest guy alive. Which made me want to meet him (and give him a huge hug) even more than I already did.

Ryan Lochte
Oh, hey...hey there. So what if he didn't do as great as Micheal at the Olympics. He still came
home with some bling AND he didn't get caught smoking pot afterward :] Ryan's an athlete, and he's got a swimmer body, which isn't a bad thing AT ALL. Mmmm, that's all i can say. :]

Mark Z. Danielewski
I want to meet him just so I can get inside his brain and figure out how the hell he writes the way he does. I honestly think this guy is a genius, and he's a crazy good author with an incredible way of stringing words together to make somebody think...a lot.

James Franco
He's funny, he's sexy, and oh yeah, he's a pot head. Which I find to be HILARIOUS, probably a little bit too hilarious, especially because he was in "Pineapple Express" after his "Spiderman" days were over... :]

Tom Brady
Yes, it's cliche...go for the hot football guy. But, seriously, if he could just keep his mouth shut, he would be beautiful. I don't think he can speak English, or writ
e, for that matter...but it's whatever. Atleast he's good eye candy!

Ben Gibbard
So he may not be the hottest man alive, but he sure as hell can sing (and play guitar). Zooey got to him first, but I still want to meet him so maybe a bit of his creativity and musical genius will rub off on me!

Alrighty. I'm done being a super cliche girl now! :] This was a big waste of time, especially when I should be studying for AP Gov. And, I'm sure I forgot a few of my men on here, so there may have to be a "Part Two" later...but I need to space out my "girliness" so it's not compacted into too short of a time frame.

My immunity to Airborne has finally set in

I have to say that I absolute hate being sick, and being busy. I've pretty much tired to withhold from getting sick for about two weeks...and finally my body was like "Eff you, Megan. I need to be sick now, and don't try to stop me!" Unfortunately, in my life, there is no "good time" to be sick. I'm always busy, and I'm always missing something if I have to miss school.
So, here I am, laying on my couch watching movies and wishing I could be at school...but I can't because I have a fever, and it keeps breaking then coming back again. Ugh! Enough complaining :]
In other news: I'm actually pretty damn happy with life right now, which is somewhat unusual for me. Hahaah I mean, I normally try to be fairly optimistic and chipper. But, this week I haven't really had to "try," I just have been! :]
Let's see, good things that have happened so far this week...

  • I was introduced to the "Kittens Inspired by Kittens" YouTube video and it's the cutest thing in the entire world!
  • I had a long chat with David and we fixed everything that was wrong :]
  • I had the best workout ever yesterday (Almost four miles, tons of abs and some sauna afterward) Amazing!
  • I'm finally getting tan, and my peace sign sticker is infinitely better than the heart I used to have.
  • I went and got a pedicure with Kristen and a few others that are to remain nameless for their protection ;]
  • For once, I actually think I'm going to do decently on my Gov test tomorrow...because I understand it fairly well!
  • My mom is getting REALLY excited for me to go to UW and that's basically all she ever talks about.
  • I'm also getting really excited...especially for decorating! :]
  • I have some awesome friends.
  • This Friday is going to be the last one I have to work until the end of May!
And, that's basically it :] I'm going to go heat up some Chicken Noodle Soup and lay on the couch some more. Maybe I'll read some "1984" too.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


As much as it scares me, I'm starting to REALIZE that I am basically an adult now. I am pretty much in charge of what I do. My parents can't control who I hang out with. Although I still live under their roof, their lenience with me has grown immensely in the past few weeks.
Maybe it's because I've finally decided where I'm going next year and they're starting to REALIZE that I'm not going to be under their complete control? Or maybe it's because they trust me more now? Regardless, it's pretty nice.
I'm REALIZING that even though there aren't that many, I have the greatest friends in the world. The people I can count on, I really can count on 100% of the time. I've had a good few weeks of time with my friends because of issues elsewhere, and I've come to really appreciate those people in my life. Whether it's a cupcake trip in the morning, a text to say "hey," a movie night, or a quick visit -- thank you. I appreciate you, and I don't know what I would do without you! :)
This morning, I woke up put on a sweatshirt and jeans and proceeded to have breakfast made for me by my favorite :) After the few weeks of trouble, it was good to REALIZE what's good about us. We're going to make it work, and I'm more than excited.
I have also begun to REALIZE that these next few months are going to be extremely difficult, and extremely busy, and that I need to make the best of every moment I can. I'm going to live up the end of my senior year, because next year is going to be totally unexpected and unfamiliar.
This has truly been a week & weekend of realizations...I'm glad.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I thought I would enlighten the world

I am eating the most delicious sandwich ever.
Cheese, tomato, a bit of mayonnaise and some stone ground mustard...toasted.

It's pretty much the most satisfying thing I've eaten all week.

On another note, I would really like to go tanning--it's pretty much therapeutic. However, I'm afraid if I go today I will burn because four days in a row is a lot if you haven't tanned for awhile.

Now I'm off to work...ugh!
Peace <3

Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm so tired of relying on people.
It only ends up letting me down in the end.

So to everybody who's let me down recently...eff you!
I'm so friggin pissed off.

I'm going to go enjoy my night by my lonesome now, because apparently making plans doesn't mean shit anymore.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The first commitment I've made in a long time...

Congratulations to me, I finally made a decision about my life! Even though I was almost positive this was what was going to happen, I'm unbelievably excited that I'll be calling Seattle my home for the next 4 (or 5) years of my life.

I paid my commitment fee, and I will be headed to Seattle in the fall with my best friend :) I am super-dee-duper excited and I can't focus right now!

Plus, more good news, I found out my cousin Christer is visiting in August and bringing his two daughters, who are ADORABLE, but whom I haven't had the chance to meet yet! I'm excited about this, plus he's UW Alumni, so he said he'd show me the "secret spots" around campus!

I am SO excited to be on my own next year, and I cannot wait for the cherry blossoms...beautiful!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dirty Dancing

Why is it that forbidden romances are always way more captivating than ones that just fall into place?
I watched Dirty Dancing this morning when I woke up, for the hell of it, and the whole time I was thinking about that.
I mean, yeah, Johnny's all hot and sexy and he can dance hella good. But, I don't think Baby would've really liked him that much if he wasn't the "wrong guy" in her parents' eyes.
Maybe I'm just over-analyzing this entire thing. In fact, yes I know I am. But STILL!
Anyway, it's a classic. And, if you've never had the opportunity to watch it, you need to. Just for laughs, because it really is hilarious...and kind of cute in a 1960s kind of way :)
PLUS, the soundtrack is amazing. Maybe I'm a complete nerd, but seriously, 60s dance music is the shit!
The end.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

So, last night at work was insane...and tonight is going to be at least 50x more insane.
Can I magically contract a horrible disease before I have to go smile and pretend I'm excited to be at work tonight?

Happy Valentine's Day!
(And, by the way, if you get me some of those Necco Sweethearts, I will love you forever. They are so friggin delicious and you can't have them unless it's Valentine's Day!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

It was a good day

For many reasons, yesterday was awesome.

  • Thursday magically turned into Friday, school-wise :)
  • I got a crazy good workout at the YMCA
  • Then I sweated out like 5 pounds in the sauna
  • I watched ONE episode of The O.C.
  • Hot Tub "party" at Jay's
  • I didn't have to work on the eve of a "sleep-in day" for the first time in FOREVER
  • No homework
Yeah, I wish I had more days like that :) Now I am off to the Y for another workout and then going to visit Corey on Oxycontin. Fantastic!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

All about me :)

1. I'm always really busy, so I like plans. However, I hate MAKING plans, so my life is constantly a blur. When somebody tells me that they want to hang out, I literally have to make a note to put it in my phone so I don't forget when the time comes. And, it's not because I don't want to, I just get caught up in everything else in my life.

2. I have two best friends. They're the greatest, and the only two people I can tell absolutely EVERYTHING to. :) I love you guys!

3. I act like I know exactly what I want to do with my life, but inside I constantly doubt myself and my ability to follow through with a plan so huge.

4. I wish I had never stopped music. But, I really didn't have a choice. Now I wish that I had a ton of time to play on my own.

5. I've been accepted to all five universities that I applied to, and I'm almost 100% sure I'll be a Husky next year!

6. I have an unhealthy addiction to The O.C. My mom and David want to plan an intervention...

7. I also have an unhealthy addiction to JagWire. I lose sleep thinking about design ideas, people not writing their friggin stories, and how I could make it better. I also put everything off when it comes to deadline week, and it's never good to get behind in every other class.

8. My family is never home at the same time. But, when we are, there's always an argument. :/

9. I never thought that going to college was going to be a financial problem, but it's becoming one. Gotta love our great economy!

10. I like to think that I'm fairly optimistic, but I think that I'm just lying to myself. If I care about something a lot, and a little tiny thing goes wrong, I feel like the world is crashing down! I know, it's a problem...

11. I have a really, really, REALLY hard time opening up to people. I like to blame it on the fact that I've been screwed over a few times, but sometimes I think it's just an inner problem. I wish I could open up to people easier, but I'm just too damn good at building walls ;)

12. I love volleyball, and if I hadn't hurt my shoulder before junior year, I never would have gave up club. I also would have wanted to play in college, whether it was competitive or not.

13. I wish I was as good of a photographer as my dad, but his patience level is about zero so I know he'll never teach me!

14. I think I have a problem...once I start working out, I can't stop. I love the feeling after a super hard workout when you're on the verge of puking. It's a sign of accomplishment.

15. Even though I hate it, I'm actually pretty good at Calculus.

16. When I'm really upset or angry I enjoy driving fast with the windows down and rap roaring from my speakers.

17. If I had to live in one spot for the rest of my life, I'd have to flip a coin to decide between Chelan and Kauai.

18. On days that I don't have anything to do, I love just letting myself go all makeup, letting my hair dry natural, sweats, etc.

19. I don't really have a "crowd," I kinda float from group to group because there aren't too many people I don't get along with.

20. I enjoy listening to music really loud, all the time. And, that's probably the reason I can't hear you when you speak quietly.

21. I'm horrible at making decisions. I constantly tell people that "I don't care," and MOST of the time, I really mean it.

22. I absolutely love mashed potatoes. They are so flippin delicious!

23. I've always wanted to go to Europe, so I plan on studying abroad at some point during my college experience.

24. If I could kill every spider in the entire world, I would. I am SO afraid of them.

25. I wish I had the opportunity to time travel...I would go back to the 60s and be a flower-child rallying for peace.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am SO glad that these past two weeks are FINALLY over. I think I would have died if they continued on for much longer!
I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, and that makes me sad!
So, here's a quick update (because, of course, I'm at the hospital with nothing to do for another half hour) on my life. :)

-I didn't fail the AP Calc test that I thought I was going to. After studying (though texting?) with Jess, giving up on understanding whatever the hell I was supposed to know how to do, and freaking out about it all day and for the first 45 minutes of class, Cypher goes "Oh yeah, it's a group test! You can talk to anybody in the class..." I stressed for nothing, and I'm pretty sure Kristen, Jess, Corey, Lance and I all got 100% because we all worked together! Now, that's a good way to start off a semester! :)

-JagWire 9.3 came out, and I'm pleased for the most part! Of course there are always those little things you look back on and say "Why did we do that?!?" But I'm generally happy :) We're on to issue four now!

-Mike left me. Yes, I sound dramatic...but, it kind of sucks to have one of your friends move away. It's weird because we weren't even that good of friends til the end of summer. It only took a week, after talking and working together ALL the time, and he knew more about me than a lot of people do. He's the best, and one of the nicest (and most sarcastic) guys ever. He's off to start his life, and I'm happy for him...miss you already Mikeyyy. :/

-I'm done with my 40 hours today at the hospital. THANK GOD! I can get my paperwork signed and start sleeping in on Saturdays now! :) Sooooo excited about that!

-I've completed Season 1 and half of Season 2 of "The O.C." David told me that I need to go to intervention, so I told him to suck it. It's addicting...but watching an episode here and there when it was actually on TV is way different than watching the entire series. I've also decided that if there's a person out there who is as cute as Adam Brody is as Seth...I will marry him. :)

-Semester is over. I've been accepted to UW. I'm so ready to let senioritis kick in, but I have to stay strong and not give in to the strong desire I have to just say "Screw it!" to everything and anything people throw at me! Blahh!

-I'm getting sick...probably because I stopped drinking a lot of caffeine. Which sounds weird and messed up, but I always have headaches and it might be because I'm so used to drinking lots of caffeine everyday. Anyway, I stopped drinking caffeine because it's better for your body when you're working out a lot...which I'm trying to do. I feel better than I have in awhile, despite the cold/headache/whatever it is. I'm obsessed with working out once I'm at the Y...I just lack the motivation to be excited to go there every day.

Wellllllllllllllllllll, that's all I can think of for now! :)
Peace out!