Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wowww. That really just happened.

The one person who asked me about a patient was today was a complete bitch. And I'm not exaggerating, she was a COMPLETE bitch. She was old, testy and rude!
Sometimes I wish I could be a bitch back! But instead, I smiled and gave her directions to where she was headed. :)
She stormed off like I said something to offend her. No smile. No thank you. So, I looked at where the patient was, thinking maybe she was just worried...but she was headed to the family birthing center...isn't that a happy place??!?

Wow, I just love how appreciated I am :)
She should read this book.

welp, i'm legal now!

Yesterday wasn't that exciting of a day, but it's whatever. I've started to be super apathetic about things like birthdays. I can say I'm a year older, but technically I'm just two days older (now) than I was on the 22nd.
David came over & left flowers for me at midnight :) It was adorable. He brought a bouquet of daisies, which are one of my favorites, but I've never even told him that! My mom made me waffles in the morning (yummyyy!!) and I went to school. We had another calculus test, which I actually studied for, and I'm hoping to get an A. We're on deadline, so other than when I was in calculus, I spent my entire day in JagWire...or atleast doing JagWire related things.
I worked. Don't ask me why I didn't request off my birthday, but I guess I forgot! But, let's face it, the only reason anybody came to work at Stortini's last night was to celebrate my birthday anyway! It was an okay night, though. My mom had flowers delivered to the restaurant so that was cool. Plus my three favorite people were there: Kristen, Kathryn and David!
Kristen FINALLY got off, after sitting at the front desk doing absolutely nothing for about 40 minutes. We went and saw Slumdog Millionaire, which was absolutely amazing! Atleast, the movie was amazing (the ridiculously expensive food, the drive there, the temperature of the theater, and the drunk lady all were slightly obnoxious). But, the fact that Jamal, the main character, looks like Justin Chavez made everything better! :) Seriously though, if you haven't seen Slumdog yet, GO SEE IT. It's very, very, very good.
Kristen got me a's friggin adorable. I'm wearing it right now at the hospital because it's seriously like 40 degrees in here. Blech!

In other news, I'm definitely not looking forward to this week, so I'm just going to complain about it for a moment. Let's seeeeee...

  • Monday: 1/3/5 day (they always suck anyway) plus deadline!
  • Tuesday: Deadline + Kristen & Megan's ingenious plan is going to take place! Sometime during the day I need to go down to McCutcheon's to see Gary and pick up his new design for his ad, too. Andddd, maybe I should finish the wrestling story...just maybe.
  • Wednesday: Final deadline...always the best (and most stressful) day of the week. Staying at school until 11 or 12 is definitely my favorite thing to do! Especially when it's end of semester and EVERYBODY thinks it's cool to have big tests.
  • Thursday: I'm wearing sweats to school. I've already decided this, and my outfit is picked out. In first period, I have a HUGE government final. Everything we've covered in first semester is fair game to put on the test. Gov tests on ONE chapter are hard enough, I can't even fathom what a test on chapters 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 will be like. Aghh! I should probably start memorizing the "To be or not to be" speech from Hamlet, too...because I have a test on that. Yayers!
  • Friday: It's going to be the best day ever. I'm not going to school. No way, Jose! We have a half day...and all six classes. Hahaha It's a JOKE! 15 minute classes, no thank you!

So, I'm pretty stoked to begin my exciting week! Study sesh tomorrow at Kristen's...and since I'm 18, we're going to get vanilla cigars. We actually planned out this get-together, too.
I should go back to pretending to be excited about volunteering at the hospital, though. I'm actually really stoked because I only have to come back once after this and I'll have my 40 hours done :) The Starbucks is playing obnoxious jazz music...ick! But, I'm drinking an Americano, and it's I guess I'll forgive them for playing annoying stuff.

For anybody who read this all the way through...I'm sorry. It was ridiculously long.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How do I slow down?

Life has been an absolute whirlwind lately.
I feel like I'm constantly allowing myself to be lazy, however I'm ridiculously busy and I have thousands of things I NEED to be doing.

Last night I was startled awake at about 2:30, so I looked out my window and there was a firetruck across the street. Instinctively I got nervous, thinking that my neighbor's house was burning down, or something like that...but that wasn't the case. In fact, I don't know what happened at all. I just ended up sitting on my window seat for a bit looking outside at the fog (which by the way looks very weird when there's no street lights or anything...super creepy). I just realized how emo I sounded right there.

Anyway, when I was just hanging out by myself, listening to some Death Cab and Band of Horses (mmmm, lovely) I thought...a lot. About things I can't even explain. But I came up with a list of things I want to wish for. Maybe I can use one of them when I blow out the candles next Friday :)

I wish that I could let go of things more easily.
I wish that people would listen better.
I wish that texting was never invented, because conversations on the phone are so much more meaningful.
I wish that I could!
I wish that the calculus most missed test, government final and deadline would not coincide.
I wish that college would stop being so damn expensive so I could stop worrying about how I'm going to pay for it.
I wish that I could have been a teenager in the 60s.
I wish that Mikey wasn't moving.
I wish that there was a really cool concert in Seattle on my birthday weekend.
I wish that community service was done so I don't have to wake up really early on Saturday mornings and sit at the hospital, bored and alone, for three hours writing blogs.
I wish that my grandma would magically be better, so she wouldn't have to be in a convalescent home, and my dad could come home.
I wish that this certain somebody will change his mind.
I wish that I didn't think of all of these wishes last night.
I wish I could get a new puppy...I miss my Solo baby.
I wish that I could get the heck outta Puyallup, and start college right now!
I wish I could have gone to Habitat this morning.
I wish for happiness...for everybody. No matter what their situation is. :)
I wish that everybody was as nice as that old man just was, wearing his neon yellow jacket, walking into the hospital. Genuine kindness is the best characteristic anybody can have.

I'm going to end on a positive wish. Hahaha
I should probably go back to welcoming people to the hospital, which is kind of an ironic job...because nobody ever really WANTS to be at the hospital. It's not like Mama Stortini's where you go "Enjoy your dinner!" and smile. People who come here are seriously upset's weird. I just find it funny that I sit here, and smile and act like nothing is wrong, when clearly there is something wrong if somebody is looking for their dad in the ICU! :( So terrible.
Anyway, back to my Facility Directory and the fantastic Good Sam screensaver they so graciously default to our computer.

Peace <3

Friday, January 16, 2009

May I please have permission to rant a little?

I like to consider myself to be an optimistic person. I laugh when I'm with my friends, a little too much sometimes. And I generally look on the positive side of things. Today...I wasn't really feeling the whole optimism thing.
First off, I hate when people can't make decisions. Especially when you think they are somebody different, then then all of a sudden it's like "Woah! Where did that come from?!?"
I also hate when people don't do any work.
Exhibit A: JagWire kids. How hard is it to turn in a damn story? We've had 2 weeks, and still people sit in class and work on other homework that is clearly more important.
Exhibit B: How hard is it to memorize lines? I am normally quite impressed with the MLK production the students of ER put on...this year was different. There were so many missed lines, wrong entrances, confusion on stage. I felt awkward sitting in the audience. It was a bummer.
I definitely failed my calculus test today, too. It was one of those things that I just went, "Ooh. This is gonna be bad." was.
And nowwwww, I get to go deal with impatient, rude and generally unhappy people who are going out to eat dinner tonight :) Yippee!

Rant over...time to be optimistic again!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I promise... never, ever, EVER allow myself only 3 hours of sleep on a school night again.
I think I'm going to go die now.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sometimes I question my sanity

I read it when it first came out. But something within me this morning compelled me to bring along Twilight to the hospital.
Lo and behold, I read over 3/4 of it as I sat at the desk at the hospital. Yes, I'm embarrassed to admit that because I feel like everybody else. But I've even read it before, why am I reading it AGAIN?!? I guess, who can resist a love story between a vampire and a human? I clearly cannot. But, it's such horrible writing!!Stephanie Meyer can write a damn good plot, but why does she lack variety?
I'm obviously fighting an inner battle...and the nerd in me says "Go read more!" I will.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I forgot how much I love...

1. Oriental Chicken Salad from Applebees. Seriously, so delicious. If you have never tried this salad, you need to go to Applebees right now, and buy will fall in love with salad once and for all.
2. Stand-up comedians (especially Mike Birbiglia & Nick Swardson). I mean, I definitely enjoy a funny Dane Cook routine every once in awhile, however Mike & Nick just seem to top everybody. I watched almost three hours of 1980's Eddie Murphy today...which was quite profane, but hilarious. I still have a stomach ache.
3. Snuggling. No explanation needed.
4. Making jokes in AP Calculus. It really is amazingly entertaining to sit in the back row with three hilarious guys, who make fun of just about everything and everyone.

Today was a good day :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Ready

I clearly was not ready to go back to school for multiple reasons.

1. Staying awake until 2am is not a good idea, especially when school starts at 7:40 and first period consisted of a huge test.

2. I really was getting used to not having to deal with high school drama and people who are super inconsiderate. If you mess with my best friends, it really gets me in a fabulous mood ;)

3. Hearing "Your portfolio should now be up to date" during advisory was a major kick in the butt towards my realization that I graduate in 6 months!


Hello, Blogger!

I used to write all the time, and it was my release. I used to have a blog, but who knows where the password went. Most likely, it's buried underneath my old journals.
However, I'm going to begin that again. God knows I need it!
So, in a way, I am welcoming myself back into the blogging world...